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A percentage of book sales go to help local charities. Thank you for taking part in making a difference in the lives of families around us.

Dana Lehman visits an elementary school to share life lessons through her Walnut Grove children's book series
Dana Lehman is a proud 3-time winner of the Mom's Choice Award for her children's book authorship

Mom's Choice Awards

Honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.


A wooden sign showcasing the accomplishments of Dana Lehman

Your letters mean so much to me!

Thank you for coming to our school and taking time to answer our questions. My favorite part of Walnut Grove is when Bucky called Sammy raccoon eyes. That was a mean thing to say but Bucky learned his lesson when he was the only one not swimming. The lesson I learned was…don’t tease people or they will tease you back. 
My favorite part of I DOUBLE Dare You was when Silly and Sassy started a stick fight. That was very DANGEROUS! The lesson in that story was to take responsibility for your actions.

From, Sheila - Mrs. Pelczarski’s 3rd grade class - Peck Elementary

Your letters mean so much to me!

Thank you for letting me know about teasing. I liked when you say the water is deep. I hope kids learn about teasing and never tease anyone.

Thanks again, Chanel - 2nd grader-Warren Consolidated

Your letters mean so much to me!

It was the best book that I read. Thank you Mrs. Lehman for teaching me a lesson. I will not tease anyone. I hope you write more books because I need to learn more about it. Bucky learned his lesson by teasing Sammy.

From, Lesley-3rd Grader - Peck Elementary